The Cloud Skills Academy

The Cloud Skills Academy is an e-learning resource which helps end-users to become productive quickly with Google Apps and to stay up to date with the latest features. 

The Cloud Skills Academy is accessed using your Google Apps email address. The Cloud Skills Academy is accessible through a wide range of devices from PCs to smart phones. 

You can try the Cloud Skills Academy for free for 7 days if you add it from the Google Apps Market-place. If you subscribe to the Academy, your users will have unlimited access to all of the training content. Please contact us for subscription pricing. 

What the Academy Offers

The Cloud Skills Academy provides help pages, interactive demonstrations, tips, shortcuts and frequently asked questions on all Google Apps topics.

As the Academy is updated regularly, it will become your user's first stop for help on new Google Apps features and to find out more about what these applications have to offer. 

For example, for Google Apps Email, the Academy offers the following modules:

  • Transition from Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes
  • New Features available in Google Apps Email and Calendar
  • A full directory of help on all features of Google Apps Email and Calendar, split by the tasks your user may wish to perform e.g. Compose and send a quick message or organise and manage mail automatically
  • Outlook and Lotus Notes command finders to quickly find out how to do something they used to be able to do in their old email application

Your Help Desk can recommend the Cloud Skills Academy as the first point of call for users with Google Apps questions or issues, promoting self-help within your organisation. Academy features such as email referral and the Cloud Skills Community allow users to share knowledge and exchange useful information on how Google Apps works for them.  

Cloud Skills Community

The Cloud Skills Community in the Academy allows Google Apps users to share hints and tips, ask trainers for help after a course, and take part in polls and surveys about Cloud Computing. 

Contact us for more information on the Cloud Skills Academy.