Google Sites Transition

Google Sites will revolutionise team working, by allowing anyone to set up a website in minutes, allowing information to be shared with the public or between specific user groups.

The course will concentrate on the main differences that users will experience in Google Sites, showing them how to continue to perform the tasks they need with the features they use on a daily basis.

Course Outline

This 60 minute session covers the following topics:
  • Google terminology - what it all means
  • Navigating a Google Site and adding comments and attachments
  • Using file cabinets to share documents
  • Planning a Google Site
  • Creating a site from scratch or using a template
  • Creating pages and adding content
  • Customising the sidebar
  • Setting the site header, footer and horizontal navigation
  • Setting colours and fonts
  • Choosing the site audience and level of audience participation
  • Changing site options

Google Sites Branding

In addition to Google Sites Transition Training, we can also help your organisation with the branding of your Google Sites. We will create a Google Site to match your company's existing website as closely as possible, then provide detailed instructions to allow your own staff to implement this design in any new Google Sites they create.

Contact us for more information on our Google Sites Branding service.