Google Docs Transition

The key to using Google Docs successfully is in understanding both the advantages and limitations of Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations. While these applications may not have huge menus and ribbons of commands, they can be used to create and share documents quickly and easily, and users will be surprised at the features that are

Course Outline

This 60 minute session covers the following topics:

  • Google terminology - what it all means
  • Opening Google Document attachments in Google Apps Email
  • Uploading your existing files into Google Docs
  • Sharing documents
  • Using collections to share and organise your documents
  • Searching for documents
  • Collaborating on a document
  • Viewing document revisions and reverting to previous versions
  • Document discussions
  • Publishing final versions of documents
  • Creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations from scratch
  • Copying information between documents
  • Saving documents in various formats
  • Translating documents
  • Creating forms
  • Viewing form results and subscribing to changes