Google Apps Transition Training Courses

Our Google Apps Transition Training programme assists organisations in moving their users to adopt a new way of working and is an integral part in your organisation's move to Google Apps.

At Cloud Skills, we have many years experience of working closely with customers to deliver training sessions that help the organisation to become more efficient, while emphasising the benefits to employees.   

By using language and terms familiar to your users, we will help to smooth the transition by helping users feel comfortable and in control right from the start.

Face-to-Face Classroom Training or Virtual Delivery at your Desk

We strive to make our training accessible and cost-efficient, so we offer both face-to-face classroom training and virtual training as possible delivery methods. We will help you to decide which delivery is best to fit your user needs and culture, or can provide a blend of both solutions to help you to train users across multiple locations and/or time zones.
Course Information
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This combined email and calendar transition course will concentrate on the main differences that the user will experience with migrating to Google Apps Email and Calendar, showing them how to continue to perform the tasks they need with the features they use on a daily basis.
  • Google Apps Calendar Transition

    This transition course will show users how to maintain a calendar using Google Apps, as well as schedule meetings and resources with colleagues. It will also show users how to share calendars with colleagues, and access their appointments while away from the office or on the move.
This transition course will demonstrate how easy it is to share documents and other information using Google Docs, both within your organisation and with external customers. It will also highlight best practices for collaboration
If your organisation is already familiar with collaborative software such as MS SharePoint, this course will demonstrate how easy it is to share documents and other information with Google Sites, both within your organisation and with external customers.

On-going Training

Our training sessions are designed to appeal to enthusiastic innovators and early adopters, as well as skeptics and traditionalists. Once your company has transitioned successfully, we can offer additional training courses, workshops and masterclasses. This on-going training will contribute to improved performance and user confidence in Google Apps.

In addition your company can subscribe to the Cloud Skills Academy, a permanent online resource for Google Apps users.

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